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Narcissistic Abuse

Escaping dependency

and learn to trust your own intuition again

Getting out of the dependency that comes with a narcissistic relationship is a huge step because trust in your own intuition has been systematically destroyed.

This type of loss of control is often experienced as trauma and triggers old relationship experiences, which makes it very difficult, or sometimes even impossible, to separate from the abuser. The constant alternation between idealization and devaluation conditions the brain on a neurobiological level in such a way that a kind of "addictive behavior" becomes visible, which equates a separation with "withdrawal" and requires special psychotherapeutic treatment.

With my work, I help people understand what is happening to them and go through withdrawal to free themselves. I will help you, step by step, to trust your own perception and accompany you, regardless of whether you manage to break free or not. There are no reviews for me.

The goal is to become an expert for yourself and thus automatically bring about change. These can be different and require a non-judgmental space full of trust and patience.

I will explain to you what the causes, effects and manifestations of narcissism are and how you can protect yourself and deal with narcissistic personalities.

If you want to get away from drama, the on/off and absolute self-alienation and understand what logical steps it takes to finally be you again, then write to me.

Your dependence relieves the narcissist. As long as you become dependent, you feel his/her inner self and take it from him/her. If you let it go, it will return like a dark veil with monkey-like speed and enormous attraction to the source: the narcissist.

I'll show you the logical steps that follow a template, because "the beauty" is: Personality disorders follow a pattern. Let me explain to you how we “abuse” this as a solution and get you out of it.

If you understand what narcissism is and the rules it follows, you can beat narcissists at their own game. It's like a template that specifies all the steps and works 100%.

Personality disorder is inflexible and non-creative. The repetition has destroyed you so far, learn to use it and contact me.

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