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Über mich : Über mich



I am both a Psychological Behavioral Psychotherapist and a Naturopathic Practitioner and have lived extensively in India and Israel working with lepers, orphans and traumatized adults. In addition to holistic problem-solving work, I deal with the positive aspects of human life. Accordingly, I dedicate my work, among other things, to the basics of a "good life" and the beneficial properties and conditions of well-being. First and foremost, I describe and measure the determinants of individual satisfaction and find perfectly coordinated interventions for both mentally healthy and ill people, thus stabilizing their life satisfaction.

My work therefore aims to complete a problem-oriented approach through targeted resource work and consequently to deal with character strengths, values, well-being , life satisfaction, positive emotions, goals and talents as well as with the problem itself. With me you will encounter a trusting relationship, which allows appropriate confrontation and creates space for topics that would otherwise have to be suppressed.

To this day I work in the psychiatric area of the Vivantes Clinic and in my own practice.

My ability to recognize, define, structure and communicate will change your life.

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